How to use sunscreen for a new year

Sunscreen should be used as an all-purpose sunscreen, which is good news for your skin and your health.In fact, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends using sunscreen with a light protective coating and a broad spectrum sunscreen, both of which are more effective at protecting against UVB rays.This is especially true if you’re at risk […]

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We can make you sun tan with a UV-protected sun screen

Now Playing: Meet the best-selling sunscreen brands in 2018 Now Playing “Sunscreens are not only safe for skin but also for the environment,” says study Now Playing Here are the top 10 sunscreen brands with the most sun protection Now Playing Who has the best sun protection in America?Now Playing These are the most popular […]

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Sun-tanning Machine Gets New Details on How It Works

Sun-Tanning Machines in the US have been under scrutiny recently.A lawsuit brought by a man who claims he was sexually assaulted while working at a tanning salon in Ohio last year alleged that the machines had been using “inappropriate, illegal and harmful methods” to sterilize skin.A separate lawsuit filed by a woman alleging that a […]

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How to make your own Sun and Tan sun-tan lips

This is a review article Sun and tan lips, often called sun and sun lips, are a staple in fashion and makeup brands, and it’s easy to find these types of lips in the cosmetics aisle at any cosmetic retailer.In fact, the best-selling lipstick brand in the US, Benefit Cosmetics, has been selling sun and […]

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