Can sun tan lines prevent sunburn?

With sunburned skin, a tan line is the most obvious sign of sunburn.However, it is not always obvious.It is not only possible to spot a sunburn without a tanline, but also to spot sunburns without sun tan line.Sun tan lines can be a sign of skin cancer.However the sun tan may also help to prevent […]

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The safest way to tan in Australia

Australia’s sun protection laws require all tanning beds to be installed in accordance with Australian safety guidelines.But while the regulations say the bed must be installed so it can be tested, there is no requirement to install the product inside the premises.Instead, Australian authorities are relying on the use of solar panels, which can be […]

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Why I chose the Fiesta Sun Tanning brand

It was just a few weeks ago that I had the chance to visit a brand new factory that had just opened in Seattle. I had just returned from a business trip to Japan, where I was fortunate to work with a team of young and energetic employees who had just won an award for their […]

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How to design a sun tan that fits your lifestyle

From the moment you step inside the spa, you are in a spa world.Your skin is bathed in a soothing white light, and a soothing blue glow is reflected off of the glass walls.It feels like your skin has just been cleansed of the dirt and dirtiness of the last few days.But, the beauty of […]

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How to tan in the sun

This video is a compilation of my tips for tanning in the sunshine.I’ve learned to use my fingers to apply the oil, rather than the sun-facing mirror, which can make applying oil feel more messy.I also tend to dab it on my skin to make it even easier to apply.This video does not cover the […]

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