When is your next tan time?

When it comes to tanning, sun tanning is not the only way to enhance your skin’s appearance.There are many ways to take advantage of this amazing natural process, but one of the easiest ways to make sure you’re not looking too pale and dull is to wear sunscreen.But what if you’re on a budget?You don’t […]

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‘Crocodile’ movie director has been sacked by Facebook

Hollywood producer Steven Spielberg was dismissed from Facebook after a video was circulated showing him making a racist joke.The director was suspended last week following the video, which was uploaded to the social network’s news feed.He had previously been suspended for posting a racist message about President Barack Obama’s appearance on stage during the US […]

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When a sun spa melts into your skin

The sun is the source of our sun-baking energy, so when we use a sunscreen, we’re really turning our sun’s rays into electricity.The sun’s UV rays also help us produce vitamin D and the sunscreen also absorbs and captures the sun’s infrared rays.We’re all exposed to these radiation-absorbing rays at various times in our lives.The […]

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Can sun tan lines prevent sunburn?

With sunburned skin, a tan line is the most obvious sign of sunburn.However, it is not always obvious.It is not only possible to spot a sunburn without a tanline, but also to spot sunburns without sun tan line.Sun tan lines can be a sign of skin cancer.However the sun tan may also help to prevent […]

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How to save money when it comes to sun tanbing

People in Dubai are spending thousands of dollars a year on tanning gear, which can result in an oily patch or skin cancer, according to the UAE Medical Authority. There are so many things you can do to prevent skin cancer and other serious skin problems, such as not tanning when you’re dehydrated or stressed, not […]

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Which beach can you sun tan in Arizona?

Sun tanning at the beach can be a popular summer vacation, but not everyone has access to a beach or beach facilities to enjoy it.To help you plan your trip, we’ve compiled a list of beaches in Arizona that are popular for sun tanting.Sun tan is also a popular way to earn money during the […]

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