What’s the secret to sun tanning?

The secret to staying cool in summer is to keep your body cool, the sun-tanned skin of the sun is said to do that, the researchers at the University of Chicago say.

In the past decade, the team led by Dr. Michael J. Tressell and Dr. Elizabeth A. Caulfield have developed a technique to use high-speed video cameras to capture images of the skin on the face and body of the human body in the sun.

“The camera captures the skin’s color, temperature, humidity and skin conductance, which are then combined into a map of the body,” Dr. Trestles said in a statement.

The study, which was published in the Journal of Medical Physics, found that people who wore sun-tanning clothing had better skin than those who did not, the Sun-Tanned Skin of the Sun study stated.

“If we can capture the colors and conductance of skin in the skin of human beings, we can get a more accurate picture of what it is that the skin is making,” Dr Trestle said.

Scientists have been working on this technique for years and the team has already used the technology to photograph skin of dolphins, chickens and even dogs.

There is no known cure for sunburn, but the team is hoping that the technique will help doctors to spot early signs of skin cancer, and to determine if there is an effective treatment, the paper stated.

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