Sun tanning in AZ, Texas to resume on Sept. 25

Sun tanbing will resume at all three of the world’s largest outdoor markets this weekend, but travelers and sun lovers are already fretting about possible sunburns.

A new report from the Sun Tanning Research Center says people are wearing sunscreens as a precautionary measure against sunburn after a series of cases in Texas and Arizona.

“It’s important to take this opportunity to review and assess the safety of sunscreen products in these states,” Suntanning Research Director David Buell said in a statement.

Sun tanning is a popular and increasingly popular outdoor sport, and the United States has long enjoyed a reputation for its sunny weather.

But recent outbreaks have prompted authorities to tighten regulations around outdoor tanning.

Sunscreens must be worn at all times during the sun’s 12-hour period, including at the sun, while outdoors and at least 90 minutes before sunrise, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says.

Sun rays can reach the eyes, lungs and skin, according to the Centers, and people with weakened eyesight or damaged skin may be more vulnerable to sunburn.

People who are injured during outdoor sunbathing or during other sun-related activities should contact a doctor immediately.