Sun Rays: How do you keep your skin dry?

There are many things you can do to keep your sun rays dry and to reduce the chances of skin irritation from sun rays, according to aruba tanning expert Rhett Bierman.

Here are the best ways to keep sun rays cool and dry: Keep the sun out of your skin Keep the sun in your skin Use a long-wearing suit to keep the sun’s rays away from your skin. 

If you are not wearing a long, loose-fitting, cotton shirt, a long shirt can be worn to keep you cool and keep the rays away. 

Sunscreen should be applied every 15 minutes or so to keep up the protection. 

Try not to wear a hat or mask to protect your face. 

Keep your face toasty Keep your face warm. 

Avoid exposing your face or hands to the sun. 

Use sunscreen to keep in the sun Avoid sunburns Avoid wearing loose-woven, sun-bleached, loose fitting clothing. 

In order to prevent sunburn, wear a long jacket or a long skirt to prevent the sun from reaching your skin, according Biermann. 

The sun may be more intense in the winter, so keep it out of the way during the summer.

Use a sunblock Avoid wearing sunblock at all times. 

Make sure you have plenty of sunscreen and sunscreen-blocking cream. 

There are many ways to protect skin from the sun, including drying your skin with a mixture of olive oil and vitamin E, as well as a cream or a cream/oil mask. 

Wearing sunscreen can also help protect your eyes and lower the risk of sunburn.