Horizon Sun Tanning to launch in Europe

Horizon Sun tanning is launching in Europe on January 12.

The cosmetics brand is aiming to have its brand-new products in stock by the end of the month.

“Horizon Sun Tanner is proud to be part of the European market and to share its brand with customers in the continent,” said John Eames, Horizon Sun’s managing director and president of global marketing and consumer products.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing Horizon Sun to Europe with Horizon Sun for 2017.”

The company’s product range will include sun tanner, sunscreen, skincare, makeup, haircare and hair care.

The brand’s sun tanners have been tested by the European Commission in a number of countries, including the UK, Italy and Spain, and the agency has not yet issued a safety assessment for the product.

“Our sun tannery products are safe, effective and environmentally friendly,” Eames added.

Horizon’s products will be available in a range of colours, from gold to grey to white.

The sun tan products have been designed to be used in combination with the Horizon Sun Gel or Sun Balm.

“This is the first time Horizon Sun has created a sun tan product,” Eades said.

“The new Sun Balms are designed for everyday use and can be used with Horizon’s existing sun taners and sun cream.”

They’re also great for the active skin and skin care professional as they help to protect skin from harmful UV rays and help soften the skin’s natural oils.

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