Women sun tanbing salon, cabo sun tanting, men sun tanming store closed due to flu

Sun tanning Salon & Spa Cabo Sun Tanning has closed its doors in Cabo, due to the flu.

The Sun Tannery & Spa is located at 17,721 N. Main, on the corner of Paseo de los Muertos.

According to a statement released by CaboSun, the Cabo store was closed to “precautionary measures” following the coronavirus pandemic, which has affected the Cabos.

Sun Tanning Spa, which was located at 15,800 N. Paseos, closed on April 16 after one month, according to the statement.

CaboSun also said that the Cabois Sun Tanner has closed after more than two months in business due to a lack of customers.

Suntanning salon is located on the ground floor of Cabo City Hall.