What to know about sunscreen in Australia

A new sunscreen label on the back of the tube that says “sun protection” and “sunlight” is confusing some consumers, according to consumer groups.

The label, for the Sunbeam Solar System Sun Protector, was spotted by consumer advocacy group Sunlight, which says it is misleading and misleads.

The product is part of a larger Sunbeam line of sunscreens.

It contains a zinc oxide-based sunscreen that contains zinc oxide as well as zinc dioxide, an antioxidant.

“The Sunbeam sunscreen claims to be safe, but that’s not true at all,” said Sunlight.

“The Sun Beam Sun Protector is more of a sunscreen than a sunscreen.”

Sunbeam said the sunscreen contained zinc oxide and zinc dioxide.

Sunbeam said it does not guarantee its safety.

“We do not endorse Sunbeam products and would never suggest you do so,” a Sunbeam spokeswoman said in a statement.

Sunbeam is not alone in mislabeling sunscreen.

Many sunscreen brands do not list sunscreen ingredients or labels, or are not transparent about what sunscreen is in their products.

The Australian Consumer Law Centre is warning consumers that Sunbeam’s sunscreen is a potentially unsafe sunscreen.

“There’s been an increase in misinformation, and misinformation about sunscreen that’s misleading,” said Dr Paul Koeppel, director of the Centre for Consumer Information and Ethics at the Australian Law Reform Commission.

“It’s not only misleading to consumers, but it’s misleading to the regulators and it’s also misleading to scientists.”

Sunshine’s label does not contain a warning label for the potential risks of the zinc oxide.

It is just a warning to the consumer to wear it.

“As the Sun Beam label states, the sunscreen is safe and effective against UVB and UVA,” a spokesperson for Sunbeam told ABC News.

“But it is a sunscreen.

It doesn’t protect against harmful UVB rays.

It also doesn’t prevent sunburn.”

So if you have a sunburn, you should wash your face with a soap and water and use sunscreen.

“The sunscreen does not have a specific sunscreen ingredient list, but Sunbeam says the sunscreen contains zinc dioxide and zinc oxide, which are both ingredients that can protect skin from harmful UV rays.”

Sunbeam sunscreen contains only zinc oxide,” the company said.”

These zinc oxide ingredients have been shown to reduce skin irritation, reduce sunburn and reduce the risk of skin cancer.

“Sunbath, a company that sells sunscents, says the Sunbow Sun Protector does not protect against UV rays and can irritate skin.

Sunbath told ABC Australia it did not know about Sunbeam mislabelling the sunscreen.

Sunbasket, a sunscreen maker based in Sydney, also sells sunscreen that does not say “sunscreens”.

Sunbath’s Sunbeam Sun Protector sunscreen does say “Sunbeam sunscooters” on the packaging, but does not disclose what sunscreen ingredient it contains.

Sun Bath’s sunscreen, which does not list zinc oxide on the label, does not provide a full list of sunscreen ingredients.

Sunbow says it uses a range of natural ingredients in the Sunbasket sunscreen, including zinc oxide to prevent sun damage.

Sunshine says it has tested the sunscreen and found it to be completely safe and to be 100 per cent effective against sunburn in adults and children.

Sun Beam said its Sunbeam suncream does not claim to be UVB-resistant, but the sunscreen does contain zinc oxide for protection against harmful UVA rays.