Sun Tan Company Launches ‘Sun Tanning’ App to Bring Sun Safety and Sun Health Benefits to Australian Market

Sun Tanning is launching an app that offers a range of sun safety and sun health benefits to Australian consumers.

The app will be available for free in Australian stores from August 12, 2018, and it will also be available on iOS and Android.

Sun Tan Company, which has been working in the field of sun protection and sun safety for nearly three decades, has been developing the Sun Tan App to offer Australians sun safety benefits.

The app will offer a range, including sun protection, UV protection, and sun care, as well as providing users with sun safety information.

Sun tanning is the process of taking a tan and applying it to skin, which is a natural part of sun exposure and tanning.

It is also used for cosmetic purposes, and can be used as a natural skin conditioner.

The Australian Sun Society (ASOS) has welcomed Sun Tan’s launch and has launched an online petition on asking the Government to support Sun Tan, saying that the sun tanner has been a great source of information for the medical community about sun protection.

“It is vital that the Australian Medical Association, the Australian Cancer Society, the Royal College of Surgeons, the Department of Health, the National Health and Medical Research Council, and the Australian Government all have a strong voice in the development of the SunTan app, and that they include Sun Tan in their recommendations and recommendations to protect Australians from the sun,” ASOS president Dr David Parnell said.

“We urge you to support the Suntan App so that more Australians can enjoy sun safety.”

Sun Tan Co-Founder, Peter Rennie, said the app was a great start to helping people understand the benefits of sun-blocking sunscreens, but added that Sun Tan would continue to work on making the app even better.

“The Sun Tan app is a great starting point, but Sun Tan has been focused on bringing more products to the market, and we’re working to bring in even more products that will address the concerns that people have,” Mr Rennies said.

Mr Rennys said Sun Tan was also working on making a number of other products for consumers, including a sunscreen that helps protect against the harmful effects of UVB rays, a sun protector that will help protect against UVB, and a sun cream that will protect against premature ageing.

“All of these products will have been developed and are currently in development,” Mr Kwan said.

“We’ll be announcing additional products and products that are in development in the coming months.”

Sun tanner’s app will allow users to use their smartphones to check their sun protection levels.

It will also include information on sun safety measures and the sun care products that can be applied to the skin, including products for the treatment of premature ageing, which Sun Tan is also working to develop.

“What we’re really excited about is the ability to be able to have a look and be able see your sun protection level and get a more accurate look at the amount of UV that you have in your skin, the sun-care products you can use to protect yourself against UV rays and the sunscreen that you can apply to the sunscreen to help protect your skin from UV rays,” Mr Parnells said.