Obama to attend tribal sun-tanning event: White House

The White House says President Barack Obama will attend the tribal sun bathing event in South Dakota this week.

Obama will participate in a three-day, three-state tribal-sun-tanner festival at the town of Wounded Knee, in western South Dakota, where the president will meet with local tribal leaders, according to the White House.

The event is a chance for tribal members to get a first-hand look at tribal culture and its traditional practices.

Obama is scheduled to attend Wednesday’s tribal sun swimming event at Wounded Pkwy.

and meet with the Wounded Creek tribe at a traditional Wounded River camping site.

The tribespeople have been trying to persuade Obama to visit the reservation, which is home to more than 100,000 people.

The tribe has said Obama is invited to attend the Sun Sun festival because of his support for the tribe and his history of supporting the American Indian.

The tribe has urged Obama to stop visiting the reservation as part of its efforts to convince him to reconsider his decision to end his visit.

The tribal council in Wounded Lake, South Dakota says Obama will be the first sitting president to attend a tribal-solar festival.