Neon sun tanner to open in Newmarket in May

Neon sun-tanning, a small salon on Dundalk Road, will open in May after opening in October, with an expected opening date in late June.

It will be located at 838 Newmarket Avenue, in the former Nespresso location, which closed in November.

It was originally due to open the same day as the launch of the first new Nespafer store in New York City since the chain’s move to New York.

The brand, which has a history of bringing the sun to the UK, said it was adding the space in May to help meet the demand for its products.

It said the store would offer a range of treatments and services, including treatments for skin and hair.

It also plans to open a new salon in Dundalk.

Nespafer said it had signed a five-year lease on the space.

It has also secured a third-party agreement with the city for the building to be used for future development, including the development of a community centre.