How to sun tan in Fiji

By the time I arrived in Fiji, the heat of summer was in full force, and we were all on the move to enjoy the sun.

It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life, and I’ve been a proud sun tanner ever since.

Here are some of the best places to sun-tan in Fiji.1.

Manana, Fiji 2.

Tongariro, Fiji 3.

Tonga, Fiji 4.

Tuvalu, Fiji 5.

Vanuatu, Fiji 6.

Kiribati, Fiji 7.

Tuam, Fiji 8.

New Caledonia, New Calyork 8.

Tuva, Tuva 9.

Nauru, Naurue 10.

Vanua Levu, Vanuavia 10.

Solomon Islands, Solomon Islands11.

Vanunu, Tuvaluo12.

Tanaan, Fiji 13.

Tauranga, Taurua 14.

Tahiti, Tahiti 15.

Vanatu, Vanua 16.

Nadi, Nadi 17.

Kiri, Kiri 18.

Kirangat, Kirangati 19.

Nuku’alofa, Nuku”alofaa 20.

Kirisimo, Kirisimos 21.

Tuwavu, Vung Tau 22.

Tongas, Tongas 23.

Kiruna, Kirunas 24.

Molokai, Molokalas 25.

Tahitians, Tahitias 26.

Tuunanui, Tuunau 27.

Fiji, Fiji 28.

Tahoa, Tuwai 29.

Taka, Taka 30.

Tahutihia, Tuwa 30a.

Maui, Maui 31.

Fiji Islands, Fiji 32.

Kirikau, Kirikare 33.

New Zealand, New Zealand 34.

Fiji’s capital, Manus, New Guinea 35.

Fiji is one of only four countries where sun-tanned males are still barred from wearing women’s clothing, according to the United Nations.


Fiji has been awarded the most sun-scalding islands in the world, beating out Japan, Tonga and New Calinga in a recent poll.


Fiji enjoys one of its best summers ever, according the BBC.


Fiji also has one of best summers in the southern hemisphere, according Tokelau.


Fiji ranks among the top five countries to be the hottest on the planet in August, according The Economist.


Fiji boasts some of its most beautiful beaches, according New Zealand’s Lonely Planet guide.


Fiji was ranked #7 on The Economist’s 2018 World’s 100 Best Countries to Visit.


Fiji offers the best sun-bathing options in the country, according Lonely Planet.


Fiji and New Zealand are the only countries in the Pacific to offer day trips, according Kibana.


Fiji can boast one of our top-rated beaches in the region, according Travel + Leisure.


Fiji gets one of Hawaii’s best sunsets.


Fiji hosts one of nature’s best events each year, according CNN.


The island nation has a national holiday dedicated to sunsets, according BBC.


Fiji celebrates its sun-kissed birthday in February, according TripAdvisor.


Fiji became the first island nation to be granted the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013.


Fiji joins a growing list of nations around the world that have granted sun-seekers the right to swim.


Fiji may be one of New Zealands more iconic locations, but it still has some of our most stunning beaches, and it is also one of many places in the northern hemisphere where sun bathing is allowed, according Discover.


Fiji remains one of Australia’s most popular places to visit due to its natural beauty, according Business Insider.


The islands of Fiji are home to the largest population of native Fijians in the Southern Hemisphere, according CBC News.


The sun-scented beaches of Fiji can be the inspiration for the new film “Clueless,” which stars Emma Stone and Will Smith, according Vulture.


The Islands of Fiji, in the far north of the country between Australia and New South Wales, are home the world’s largest community of sea lions, according ABC News.


The iconic sunset of the island nation of Kiribat is one the most beautiful in the Western Hemisphere, with the iconic white and orange sunset on a clear blue morning.


Kirigati is also known for its lush green and white landscape, according USA Today.


The world’s smallest country, Kiribali has one among the highest rates of malaria deaths in the Caribbean, according World Health Organization.


Kiriwati, Kiriput, is home to one of Fiji’s most famous beaches, which is home a number of the world famous sunsets around the island. 60. Kir