How to choose the perfect sun tan

Perfect sun tanming has long been the go-to method for sunburn sufferers.

Now it seems like everyone is doing it, thanks to the popularity of YouTube videos.

But, it’s not the only way to achieve a perfect sunburn.

The sun’s rays can even get you sick, as a new study suggests.

According to a new scientific study published in the journal Scientific Reports, sun tanners may actually be getting more sunburns than they know.

The study, which was conducted by the University of Exeter and published in PLOS One, involved a total of 619 patients with skin disorders including skin cancer and eczema, and they were divided into two groups: those who applied tanning cream and those who used moisturizers.

The researchers compared the two groups to a control group of the same age and sex.

The findings showed that the cream-treated group had a higher rate of sunburn and increased the number of lesions on their skin.

However, the moisturizers-treated groups had a lower rate of burns, as they were more likely to have more skin lesions and higher levels of inflammation.

The authors also found that those who were using a moisturizer, had lower levels of the inflammatory marker TNF-α and higher concentrations of the melanin-producing melanin protein melaninin A.

“This study suggests that sunscreen is probably not the best way to treat skin problems that result from sunburn,” said lead author Dr. Eran Cohen, who has been studying sunburn in skin conditions for 20 years.

Cohen believes that the sunburn may be caused by an imbalance between the amount of melanin in the skin and the amount that is oxidized by the sun.

“What we’re finding is that sunscreen might actually make skin more vulnerable to the damaging effects of the sun,” he said.

“There is an imbalance.”

Cohen explained that a sunscreen containing a lot of melanosome is more likely than a sunscreen that does not contain melanosomes to absorb harmful UV rays, and thus more likely in the long run to produce more melanin.

“If you apply sunscreen in the wrong way, you could actually have a negative impact on your skin,” he explained.

“And the problem is, this is not just the sun, it is all the pollutants that come from our air and our water and everything else that we put in our skin, which can lead to skin cancer.”

According to Cohen, sunscreen manufacturers and dermatologists are currently looking into how to help improve the absorption of sunscreen, but this may take a while.

“We need to find a way to find out what is causing the problem,” he added.

“The longer that we don’t know, the more we can’t do anything about it.”