The best places to get sun rays in Melbourne

Melbourne has some of the best sun protection in the country, but you can’t get a good tan without a bit of shade.

Sunscreen is the most popular item, but if you want to get the most benefit from your sun exposure, the city has a couple of other options.

In an attempt to make the city more accessible to tourists, the council has started offering free outdoor sun tanting at a number of parks and beaches, but some people say that the services aren’t as good as the ones in other cities. 

Here are some other ways you can enjoy the sun in Melbourne, and whether or not you need to apply sunscreen for the first time. 

In the city, you can use the sunbathers pool for a free outdoor tan if you are in a shade, or the beach.

On the opposite side of the city from the sun, you’ll find a number the city offers free indoor sun tanming at a beach in the city centre.

And if you’re in the suburbs, you could also take a dip in a waterpark or the parks surrounding it. 

Sun tanning is usually a popular activity for the summer, with the average day spent in the sun averaging around 25 minutes, according to Melbourne City Council.

It is recommended that people use sunscreen as it helps protect against the sunburns that can result from the scorching sun. 

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