Sun tan: ‘We don’t have time to get a new pair’

If you’ve never worn a sun tan before, it’s time to start, according to a report by the British Cosmetics Association.

The BCA says it has a new sunscreen category called the “sun tan” which is aimed at preventing the appearance of the sun-damaged skin.

It says this “super-tan” is “super effective” and “has the potential to protect against some sun-related cancers”.

“Sun tanning is a great way to prevent the appearance and damage of sunburns, but it’s not always possible,” the BCA said.

“We don.t. have the time to make a new set.

So we don’t recommend it.”

There are a range of different brands of sun tanning products available, including the SPF30 and SPF50 sunscreen.

It is recommended that you apply the product on your hands and in the shower.

However, a recent survey by the National Health and Medical Research Council found that only 17% of Australians had tried sun tanner and the average age was 28.

Sun tanner has a history of not being widely available.

The first sun tan was sold in 1884, and it was only later that it was made available to the public.

Sun sun tanners were banned in Victoria in the 1990s, and were replaced with the SPFs which are currently being used in Australia.

While the BAC recommends sunscreen be applied by hand, many manufacturers have found that you can apply it in a spray bottle or tube and then use a hand pump to apply it to your skin.

The Australian Sun Society says it is not recommended to use sunscreen with a spray or tube, but you can spray it on a sunflower or other plant to get it to spread evenly.